The Biggest El Segundo Home Sale of 2017 – 403 Whiting Street

El Segundo real estate saw home values rise dramatically in 2017. Home values went up over 6% and values should continue to rise in 2018 although likely at a slower pace.

The biggest MLS residential sale of 2017 was a duplex at 403 Whiting Street which was listed at $2,289,000 and sold at $2,155,000. The home sold in February after just 12 days on the market. It was located in the center of El Segundo on a very large 7,000+ foot lot and was built within the last few years.  The property also included a  2 bdr./1 bath cottage built around 1919 with a separate address and its distinct separation from the property.

BED / BATH:  3/3
SQFT:  3,000 (estimated)
PRICE PER SQFT:  $718.33
LOT SIZE: 7,470 sq ft
YEAR BUILT(src):  2015(OTH)
Days on Mrkt: 12



What are El Segundo Pocket Listings and How Do You Find Them?

In this incredibly competitive market many homes are not even making it to the market.   So how do you find out about these homes in El Segundo and the South Bay?  First it’s important to understand just what we’re talking about.

What does off market or a pocket listing mean?

It can actually mean a few different things but in general, when we refer to homes sold off market or pocket listings these are homes that are never put on the MLS and therefore unknown to most buyers and many realtors.  That means that searching the Redfins and Zillows of the world may mean that you’re not aware of these types of opportunities.

Why would an El Segundo homeseller want to sell the home off market?

In general it’s not a great idea.  Fewer buyers that know about the home usually means less competition and ultimately a lower sales price.  That’s certainly not always the case but usually accurate to some extent.  Sellers have many reasons for not wanting to put their home on the market.  It may be due to privacy reasons such as not wanting the neighbor or even the tenant know that the home is for sale.  It may be that they don’t want to deal with some of the hassles that come along with listing a home…..buyer’s and agents that want to show the home at all hours, open houses on the weekends and more people simply curious with few legitimate buyers.  Whatever the reason it does limit the exposure and again usually limits the price.

That’s why it can be a good opportunity for buyers….less competition, fewer bidding wars which generally leads to a lower sales price.

How do I find out about these homes?

Unlike the MLS listings, off market, upcoming and pocket listings are much more elusive.  The key is to work with an agent that has deep connections in the El Segundo community and market.  Some of the top realtors in certain areas may share information on these hard to find opportunities and the larger or more numerous the seller and agent networks, the more information the agent can obtain.

We are happy to help you find off market homes but this requires a good deal of work, considerable communication with sellers and agents and a readiness to act should the right home come available.  If you would like us to help find off market opportunities please feel free to text us at 310-251-2344 or email us with the details of your home search.

8 of 11 Homes in El Segundo Ever Sold Over $2.0M Have Been in 2016*

By Keith Kyle340_Via_Colusa_front6 copy

If you need any evidence that prices are sky high in El Segundo just look towards the luxury market.  It wasn’t long ago that we wrote a post on whether El Segundo was ready for $2,000,000 homes and it seems that it’s relatively commonplace just 12 months later.  As of July 17th there are 3 single family homes in El Segundo priced over $2,000,000.  In the nearby luxury real estate markets of Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach this wouldn’t be unusual but in El Segundo it’s fairly unbelievabe. It’s certainly due, in part, to many buyers being priced out of the South Bay and their money goes much further in El Segundo.  In addition there is a pending sale and 4 closed sales in 2016 priced over the formerly unheard of $2.0M mark.

In 2016 we’ve seen 4 $2.0M+ homes plus the one home in currently in escrow (as of 7/16/16)


*Statistics based on MLS sales of single family homes.

Big Day for Single Family Home Listings in El Segundo

By Keith Kyle

While usually the single family homes for sale in El Segundo are limited at best, today was a big day by El Segundo standards.  Four new home listings hit the market today and the other big news is that all four were listed over $1,000,000.  Most months the median home prices in El Segundo are below $1,000,000 so it’s impressive to see everything hit the market at this price point.

Click to see the full list of homes for sale in El Segundo.


Find out the Value of Your El Segundo Home

While it’s always best to speak with a local realtor or appraiser to get the most accurate idea of the value of your home, many of our clients simply want a rough idea of the current value.  Our quick home valuator will consider thousands of homes and the most recent sales in El Segundo to offer you an almost immediate estimate of price in today’s market.  We hope this is helpful and when it’s time to find out a more accurate price based on details such as specific location, views, and condition, please contact us for a FREE home valuation report.

Simply type in your address to get an estimate of your homes current value.

March Home Sales and Home Prices in El Segundo and the South Bay

By Keith KyleSouth Bay homes

March once again saw some impressive median home prices while housing inventory remained low.  The median home price in El Segundo for March of 2015 was $849,000 with 17 home sales.  The real estate market trends in El Segundo are definitely indicating a very active summer market.  With some top schools and a location along the coast, the summer months are always the highest demand for this coastal community.  See the current homes for sale in El Segundo.

City Homes Sold March 2015 Median March 2014 Median Year over Year % Change
Carson 55 $425,000 $395,000 7.6%
El Segundo 17 $849,000 $727,500 16.7%
Gardena 38 $403,000 $390,000 3.3%
Harbor City 15 $455,000 $328,500 38.5%
Hawthorne 62 $642,500 $444,000 44.7%
Hermosa Beach 22 $1,310,000 $1,260,000 4%
Lawndale 7 $447,000 $335,500 33.4%
Lomita 13 $481,000 $428,000 12.3%
Long Beach 310 $414,000 $389,000 6.4%
Manhattan Beach 44 $1,940,000 $1,696,000 14.4%
Marina Del Rey 39 $860,000 $760,000 13.2%
Palos Verdes Estates 24 $1,400,000 $1,445,000 -3.1%
Playa Del Rey 24 $546,000 $840,000 -35%
Rancho Palos Verdes 43 $1,044,000 $1,005,000 3.9%
Redondo Beach 87 $840,000 $750,000 12%
San Pedro 63 $475,000 $435,000 9.2%
Torrance 115 $529,000 $530,000 -.4%
Westchester 34 $822,000 $764,000 7.7%

Is El Segundo Ready for $2.0M+ homes?

By Keith Kyle840_Center_Street

El Segundo is a fantastic little town that has a small town feel that most areas can’t duplicate.  While there are an abundance of townhomes and condos, the bulk of the homes are some version of the original beach bungalow.  Many have been nicely updated and expanded while some are in fairly original condition.

Unlike neighboring Manhattan Beach, El Segundo hasn’t seen quite the same building boom creating oversized luxury homes and there are several reasons.  The primary reason is that values, while having gone up considerably in the past 2 years, haven’t rocketed upwards to the same extent and builders eager to build high end luxury properties may not see the margins and are searching elsewhere.

View the current homes for sale in El Segundo priced over $2,000,000

So will El Segundo see an increase in luxury $2,000,000 homes?  It still appears unlikely other than the rare case of a truly special home on an oversized lot in an A+ location.  There will be a limited amount of homeowners that simply love El Segundo that build their dream house and at some point those homes will be sold, but it’s very unlikely we’ll see too many luxury spec homes built as the cost of lots/tear down homes, plus the cost of building makes for a challenging investment.

A number of El Segundo Open House for Sept 20th and 21st

El Segundo doesn’t generally see too many open houses as home inventory is down and it’s a fairly small town with few homes for sale in the Open-House-White-DSbest of markets.  This weekend sees more than usual with several advertised open houses.  See the list below for El Segundo and the South Bay.  If you’re seeing this post after the September dates please visit our South Bay open houses site for updated homes for sale and schedules.

Welcome to El Segundo Real Estate

By Keith KyleEl-Segundo-Sign

El Segundo real estate is often overlooked in the South Bay as the name perhaps isn’t quite as alluring as it’s neighbors in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach, but it  is a wonderful place to call home and is a more affordable option.  We hope you’ll take advantage of all of the information and resources on El Segundo MLS as we offer a number of ways to search for homes including free MLS access, current homes for sale sorted by both price and type, and if you really want to make your home search easy we will customize your El Segundo home search and send you free daily email updates.  View recent homes sales, current prices, market statistics and much much more.

El Segundo offers residents a small town feel yet closer to key parts of Los Angeles such as LAX, downtown, Santa Monica and more.  Located just north of Manhattan Beach and just east of Los Angeles airport, El Segundo is a true community with a charming downtown area, fantastic school system, endless activities and beautiful Dockweiler Beach.

El-Segundo Real Estate Map

Problems and Challenges Caused By Termite Inspection Uncertainty

The termite inspection process during an El Segundo offer and escrow is not always easy to understand, especially for a first time home buyer. Termite Fumigation in El Segundo There is uncertainty and confusion as to how it all works and the challenges it can present.  Here a few tips to understand options:

  • For home sellers – I always recommend getting a termite inspection prior to listing the home unless it is clear that the sale will be as is and no repairs will be done of any kind.   Whether there is a lot of damage and recommended work, or nothing at all….it’s better to know up front.
  • The challenge for home sellers is that when an offer comes in it often has a clause that contractually obligates the home seller to have an inspection and pay for any work that the termite company recommends.  It becomes a real challenge for sellers as to whether to accept this clause due to the fact that without previously having in inspection done, sellers don’t know what they are agreeing to.  They can try to negotiate this inspection or work out but it may not only be unnecessary (perhaps there isn’t much work needed) but may mean the difference in going into escrow or having the buyer walk away.
  • The loan process and how it is impacted by the WPA (wood destroying pest addendum) – If a loan is part of the offer, as it usually is, and termite work is agreed upon, the lender will not loan until all of the work is completed and termite company issues a certificate of completion.  This can get particularly challenging when fumigation is involved.
  • Fumigation – If fumigation is needed, and originally agreed upon between buyer and seller, fumigation (tenting) would need to take place prior to close of escrow.  This can be a real challenge as it takes a few days and home owners much be out of the house….all prior to closing escrow.
  • Condos and townhomes – Any situation in which homes are attached to one another presents another problem.  If the termite company recommends fumigation it is often impossible as it would involve displacing your neighbors…as well as the costs involved.  This poses an additional challenge the buyers lender will want to see completion when fumigation isn’t possible.  In addition condo complexes often have contracts with pest companies that handle exterior.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, make sure your realtor explains what is involved in the termite negotiation, agreement, and escrow process as it often has a number of challenges.