About Home Inspections

The home inspection part of the home buying process is often challenging.  Sellers have lived in the house for years and think that everything is just fine.  We often hear sellers say “it’s been just fine for us so why isn’t it fine for the buyer?”.

Buyers have a drastically different take on the same report.  Often times they’ll take the inspection report as a checklist for all that’s wrong with the house.  There’s almost no such thing as a completely clear report.  Even in instances with a very good report, buyer’s will often try and use that as a negotiating tool to lower the price, get a credit, or even do upgrades.  That’s definitely not the intention.  The inspection is done so that you are an educated buyer as to what’s working and what may need repairing.  They also call out items not up to current code (but still very functional….codes just change all of the time).  I always recommend to my buyers to focus on safety issues and what actually needs to be repaired to working condition.

Home inspections infographic