Market Statistics for Single Family Homes in El Segundo

Whether you are considering buying a home in El Segundo or thinking of listing and selling your home, keeping up to date with the market and real estate trends is critical. Take advantage of our real estate market page with information on the number of homes sold, current home inventory, price per foot and median home prices. The charts below show information for only single family homes in El Segundo. For specific types of homes click on the links below.  Visit our MLS search to see the current single family homes for sale in El Segundo.

The below chart shows current “active” homes for sale, pending and recent sold homes.

The chart below shows the average price per square foot for single family homes in El Segundo.

The chart below shows the average days on market as well as the % of the sale price above or below the listing price.

The chart belows shows the average price for sale as well as the average price of the homes actually sold.

The chart below shows the number of months of inventory based on closed sales in El Segundo

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